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OSCA Coaching Awards

Since its organizational beginning in 1987, OSCA has recognized outstanding high school soccer players with its all-state games. At the same time, the organization wished to honor its coaches who had achieved success on the field; however, not until 2003 was OSCA able to award coaches of high school soccer for their victories over the past 16 years. OSCA honors its coaches that have attained 50 victories with a certificate. For those reaching 75 victories, the coach receives a plaque. For those few coaches who achieve 100 victories during their career, a special OSCA commemorative watch is presented. Below is the list of coaches that have been recognized and thier level of achievement.

Coaches Name Year Level Active/Retired School
Sam Bowers 2003 100 Active Owasso
Neil Cagle 2003 100 Active Bethany
Mike Carney 2003 100 Active Jenks
Gordon Drummond 2003 100 Active Norman
Jose Fernandez 2003 100 Active Washington
Jimmy Hampton 2003 100 Active Chickasha
Glenn Howard 2003 100 Retired Union
Bill Kjellander 2003 100 Retired Westmoore
Marc Langebartels 2003 100 Active Bishop Kelley
Pat Mays 2003 100 Retired Deer Creek
Mike McGarry 2003 100 Retired Mustang
Ed Skotarek 2003 100 Retired Jenks
John Timmons 2003 100 Active Jenks
Dale Watts 2003 100 Retired Washington
Christy Shipley 2003 75 Active Yukon
Clint Hayes 2003 50 Retired Muskogee
Steve Hermann 2003 50 Active Ponca City
Suzy Maness 2003 50 Active Weatherford
Pam Moeller 2003 50 Active Oolagah
Tom Pecore 2003 50 Active PC North
David Reneau 2003 50 Active Tulsa Memorial
Jim Rhein 2003 50 Active Bixby
Troy Tokarchik 2003 50 Active Bishop Kelley
Larry Truesdell 2003 50 Active Carl Albert
Jack Willis 2003 50 Active Tahlequah